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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Protocol Engineering Center

  • Service Standards Research Section
    The Service Standards Research Section leads standardization activities on future services and software areas. In particular, their works mainly cover converged web; open-source-based wearable technologies; cloud computing and big data; and data technologies through various de jure SDOs, such as ITU-T, ISO/IEC JTC1, and de facto SDOs, such as W3C and OCF. In addition, the section is responsible for developing ICT-based Do-It-Yourself (DIY) standards to facilitate the ICT creative culture in Korea.
  • Network Standards Research Section
    The Network Standards Research Section is responsible for standardization activities in relation to network technologies. Primarily, their works mainly cover de facto standard technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G networks. In addition, the section is responsible for the development of a number of international standards relating to IETF, IEEE, 3GPP, ETSI, NFV, and ISG, in cooperation with operators and industries.
  • ICT Convergence Standards Research Section
    The ICT Convergence Standards Research Section leads standardization works in the fields of converging ICT and IoT with industrial applications such as e-Call; data center management and assessment; smart grid interoperability and demand response; energy safety management; smart factory interoperability; smart water management; smart city interoperability and management; and IoT interoperability and applications in ISO, ISO/IEC JTC 1, and ITU-T.
  • Infrastructure Standards Research Section
    The Infrastructure Standard Research Section leads national technical regulation and standardization works in the fields of smart farm and smart media. The section mainly supports ETRI’s general standardization activities and is currently developing various international standards in the fields of IoT-based smart farming, digital signage, managed P2P, wireless power transfer, smart media delivery, and broadcasting security in various standard organizations such as ITU-T, IEC, ISO/IEC JTC1, ETSI, and W3C., etc.