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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Economics of Technology Research Division

기술경제연구본부 이미지

The Economics of Technology Research Division consists of various knowledge-based professionals whose areas of expertise include engineering and humanities & social sciences. The division is responsible for the following: (a) foretelling future directions in which society may evolve, and identifying and providing any technology demands associated with these future directions, (b) predicting social and economic impacts of core technologies that have yet to be developed, (c) suggesting systems and policies to implicate core ICT technologies for adaptation in society, and (d) examining policies intended to help develop the ICT industry. Our division helps contribute to the success of national ICT R&D through economic, social, cultural, and institutional research of core ICT technologies under the vision of “Verification for Social Application & Adaptation of Technology (VeSAAT)”.

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Assistant Vice President Han, Sung su

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