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Technology Commercialization Division

Technology Commercialization Division Image

The Technology Commercialization Division is responsible for establishing a technology commercialization system to maximize the business potential of technologies developed in ETRI and for supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen their technological competitiveness.

It mainly focuses on the development of commercialization strategies, commercialization supporting programs, creating and utilizing IPR efficiently, and supporting SMEs and start-ups. To foster SMEs and create job opportunities, it also endeavors to improve supportive systems for technology transfer and commercialization.

The technology commercialization system consists of various programs, efficient patent management and utilization, customized technical support for enterprises, and support for prospective start-ups and research institute companies. To ensure closer cooperation among those programs, the Division consolidates the entire processes to a united platform named ‘ETRI Commercialization Support Platform (ETRIplus).’ On the basis of cooperation and collaboration between programs on the platform, the Division is making its utmost effort to create economic value by promoting technology commercialization and build a win-win partnership with Technology Commercialization Division.

  • Vision

    Business partner for supporting SMEs growth

  • Goal

    To operate systems for promoting commercialization, secures IPR, and conducting license agreements.
    To support the growth of SMEs in ICT industries and enable them to create quality jobs and drive the national economic development.
    To support establishing and nurturing start-ups and research institute companies.

Technology Commercialization Division Image

Vice PresidentShin, Jung Hyuk

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6959