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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

SW-SoC Opening Platform Section

SW-SoC 개방형플랫폼실 이미지

As technologies related to SW & SoC are converged requirement for developing open platform increases. Open SW & SoC platform can help developing global innovative products.
To develop open SW-SoC platform, first we focused on the area of IoT applications. We are developing open SW-SoC platform for IoT gateways based on virtual platform technology and rapid prototyping solution to support fast and concurrent hardware and software development. We will develop hardware model of the open SW-SoC platform to verify the completeness of the platform. Next, we will extend the platform to other major industries including mobile, smart appliances, automotive electronics and energy. By applying the open SW-SoC platform to commercial devices with domestic companies, we support sustainable growth of domestic industry in key fundamental technology fields.

SW-SoC Opening Platform Section Image

Director Kim, Won Jong