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Technology Pioneer Making Happy Future through Digital Innovation

President Greeting

Technology Pioneer
Making Happy Future
through Digital Innovation

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The here and now, Korean ICT industry is facing an urgent need of exploring new growth engines with the emergence of fourth industrialization and prevailed global techno-hegemony. In the midst of these challenges, ETRI is given to deliver a significant mission to secure core source and material technologies in advance for ICT and convergence technologies that are expected to be crucial in future society.

Standing at the new era of cutting edge, ETRI is challenged to secure original technologies and parts and material technologies in advance for ICT and convergence strategic technologies which is expected to be a new growth engine in the near future.

In order to meet the demands of the era, the executives and staff members of ETRI pledge to prove by performance to bring greater hope for a better life, convenience and safety to the people of Korea. And all these will be achieved by strategic R&D and its commercialization, performance diffusion and startup incubation which ultimately contributes to national economic growth.

5G+/6G, AI·SW, AI semiconductor and system semiconductor, meta verse, cyber-security, supercomputer and quantum computer, and material/device technology will be a priority for us as we recognized the importance of securing original technologies.

Also, as the international R&D ecosystem is shifting from rapid and quantitative growth to pursuit of sustainability, ETRI commits to push ahead Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) management to carry out social values and inclusive growth with a solid foundation of information and communication technologies. In particular, ETRI devotes to give full support for the implementation of National Digital Strategy Innovation policies with its strategic and original technologies.

I and ETRI staffs are ready to commit ourselves to be in the vanguard of developing cutting-edge technologies to make a better tomorrow. We assure that we will continue to improve and enhance the scope and depth of research to assist the life of people of Korea. Throughout the path, ETRI always looks forward your trust and encouragement.

Bang Seung Chan
President, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

방승찬 사인