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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Economics of Technology Research Division

  • ICT R&D policy and ETRI Integrated Technology Planning Strategy
  • Techno-Economic Analysis and ICT Industry Ecosystems
    - Economic feasibility analysis of ultra-connection, ultra-intelligence, and ultra-realistic technologies
    - Industrial ecosystem analysis of emerging and promising technologies
  • Interactions Between Technology and Society
    - Analyzing trends for a future society and discovering R&D market demands & technological needs
    - Analyzing social implications of technology
  • Open R&D Innovation Strategy
    - Global R & D innovation ecosystems, and R&D strategy for solving social problems
  • Competition Policy and Strategy in Broadcasting and Communications Market
    - Interconnection, frequency policy, M&A, and competitive environment
  • Strengthening Trade Negotiation Power in Broadcasting and Communications Sector