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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Management Strategy Department

  • Management Strategy & Planning Section (Director : Oh Jin Hwan T.+82-42-860-5867)
    - Establishment of the vision of Institute and medium-and long-term development strategy
    - Planning of the management policy by year and enforcement, administration of the management assessment
    - Drawing up the present condition of business and external business report
    - Supervising the management results and policy
    - Inspection of the institution assessment and generalization of post management
    - Conclusion and Handling of Domestic MOU
    - Operation of the main conference system in Institute and Handling directions
  • Institution Innovation Section (Director : Im Sang Gyun T.+82-42-860-4861)
    - Improving system across the board
    - Managing the legislation and amendment of Institute regulations, and Constructing law of Institute
    - Maintaining organization and adjusting function between departments
    - Handling data about the board of directors’ bills
    - Selection and management of advisory organization for legal, patent, accounting, and labor
    - Establishment and management of the plan for Inspection of the administration
    - Handling domestic related organization’s visiting
    - Notifying management information
  • Customer Satisfaction Management Section (Director : Park Sa Jong T.+82-42-860-3804)
    - Managing Organization culture
    - Diagnosing organization and establishing value system
    - Enforcement of improvement plan for Customer Satisfaction
    - CSI, ESI assessment and response
    - Generalizing Anti-corrupt management (including research ethics)
    - Managing social responsibility of business
    - Controlling release of information; for example, Government 3.0, opening public data, real-name business transaction system, etc.
  • Quality Innovation Section (Director : Jung Hyo Taek T.+82-42-860-0663)
    - Operating Quality Management system
    - Upgrading R&D standard process assessment
    - Developing and establishing advanced management model
    - Managing and fixing Institute Q-Mark certification system
    - Supervising public SW(OSS) stability