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Introduction of Research

Cyber Security Research Division

  • Cryptography & Authentication Base Technology Research Section
    We are researching basic technologies that provide practical safety and security for the future cryptography and authentication infrastructure. The main research items include cryptographic algorithm verification, cryptographic key protection, data privacy enhancement, cryptography-based user authentication technologies in preparation for the quantum era beyond the digital era.

    - Cryptographic security verification technology: Side-channel analysis, quantum analysis algorithm and quantum security strength verification technology for modern cryptographic algorithms and post-quantum cryptography candidates in preparation for the quantum era.
    - Cryptographic key protection technology: Secure cryptographic key creation/use/hiding technology based on hardware/software characteristics, global standard (KMIP) key management technology and its application technology (drone, eSIM, etc.)
    - Cryptographic design technology: Cryptographic design technology based on new logic, such as secure post-quantum cryptography implementation for the quantum age, secure data processing using quantum technology, and encryption based on neural cryptography
    - Data privacy enhancement technology: Data-centric encryption technology to protect data privacy in a data sharing/utilization service environment
    - Distributed ID management technology enables users to conveniently provide and verify identity information and directly control their personal information in a non-face-to-face service environment.
    - Metaverse Seal - Privacy-preserving Metaverse authentication technology that enables easy identity verification of users and avatars in the virtual world without exposing personal information
  • AI Convergence Security Research Section
    We focus on physical security and high-level test-and-verification technology research to solve security issues closely related to public and virtual life and to ensure personal and social safety.

    - Predictive video security technology to prevent threats in public places by recognizing them in advance, and to fundamentally block violations of civil privacy such as illegal video filming and stealing
    - Intelligent video security analysis technology to establish an advanced AI customs system that detects suspicious behavior of high-risk travelers in real time and responds efficiently at the airport arrival hall
    - Verification-based network security technology with high trust level to ensure the safety of networks operating in mission-critical fields such as smart transportation, smart factories.
    - Test and verification technologies to confirm the functionalities and performance of anti-tampering technologies to protect assets from malicious attacks, including unintentional technology hijacking and system alterations.
  • Intelligent Network Security Research Section
    We research and develop security technologies to detect and prevent cyber attack threats from fixed and wireless networks that are becoming more intelligent and advanced, such as APT attacks, and further concentrating on integrated security technologies for the 5G/6G mobile network and cloud native environments.

    - Intelligent 5G edge security technology that can respond to security vulnerabilities and threats in the 5G RAN and edge networks to ensure a stability of the 5G vertical services
    - 6G autonomous security internalization model and framework technology to provide an ultra-reliable 6G network and convergence service infrastructure based on the constant security quality assurance
    - AI Attacker (Red Team) technology that automatically creates/executes the cyber attack scenarios using an artificial intelligence technology
    - Cloud native security technolgy that can analyze security vulnerabilities and respond to threats in cloud native 5G MEC and cloud computing environments
    - Security technology that can provide secure service environments and protect network based convergence services including V2X, healthcare, smart factory etc.
  • System Security Research Section
    As cyber attack targets evolve from software to firmware/hardware, we are conducting research in diverse fields with the goal of implementing a reliable and secure cyber environment. Research areas include security verification of various systems and development of advanced vulnerability analysis technology.

    - Hardware/firmware level security verification and vulnerability analysis technology
    - Hardware/firmware level backdoor detection and verification technology for IT systems to countermeasure advanced hacking techniques such as supply chain attacks
    - RISC-V based secure CPU architecture design and verification technology
    - Development of core technology for realizing cyber electronic warfare based neutralization weapons against drones
    - Development of Digital Forensic Technique for Navigational Equipment to Ensure the Integrity and the admissibility of Digital Evidence
    - Covert Channel Risk Verification technology in a wireless environment
  • Cyber Warfare Technology Research Center
    In order to prevent cyber malicious bot attacks and the spread of cyber threats in cyber warfare environments, we are researching and developing technologies that proactively respond to security threat situations through artificial intelligence-based analysis. In preparation for the loss and theft of weapon systems, we are developing hardware-based anti-tampering technology to prevent information leakage and platform manipulation by unauthorized persons at the chip/board level.

    - Cyber warfare threat situation awareness and active response technology
    - Technology to prevent cyber warfare denial of service attacks
    - Anti-tampering hardware security module technology
    - Anti-tampering platform technology
    - Anti-tampering weapon system application technology