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Introduction of Research

Robotics IT Convergence Research Section

로봇IT융합연구실 이미지

○ The Robotics-IT Convergence Research Section is dedicated to developing control technologies for mobile robots and robot manipulators, as well as ICT convergence and application technologies, to meet the demand for robot-related technologies in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. The section mainly develops autonomous mobile robot technology, person-following robot technology, collaborative robot control and teaching technology, robot vision technology, multi-robot control and simulation technology, etc. In addition, the section strives to commercialize technologies according to the needs of robot companies and supports local companies through technical guidance and advisory services.

① Developing autonomous mobile robot technologies
- Developing navigation technology
- Developing SLAM and localization technology
- Developing fleet management and simulation technology

② Developing person-following robots
- Developing indoor person-following robots
- Developing outdoor person-following robots

③ Developing control technologies for articulated robot manipulators
- Developing robot force/torque control technology
- Developing teaching technology for robot tasks
- Developing robot reinforcement learning technology

Robotics IT Convergence Research Section Image

Director NAM, Seung Woo

  • TEL.+82-53-670-8057