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Technology PioneerMaking Happy Future through Digital Innovation


Introduction of Research

Network Research Division

네트워크연구본부 이미지

Network Research Division, responding various and complicated requirements for the future ICT and converged services, aims at creating original core technologies and their industrialization technologies along with leading standardization for network infrastructure which could support service realization and development.

For this purpose, by promoting R&D in the following technology areas for wired and wireless optical communication, packet network, network automation and intelligence, 5G+/6G mobile core network, distributed network-based source and application, and block-chain networking, we aim to contribute advances of ICT and converged services by realizing terrestrial & non-terrestrial integrated telecommunications of hyper-connected intelligence society to be ultra-high-speed, massive capacity, ultra-low-latency, and high-reliable.

Network Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President KIM, Sun Me

  • TEL.+82-42-860-3936