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Department and Personnel

Department and Personnel
Operator Tel.+82-42-860-6114
ETRI Exhibition Tel.+82-42-860-3913send to
Employment Tel.+82-42-860-5308send to
Technology Transfer Tel.+82-42-860-4976send to
ETRI Library Tel.+82-42-860-5019send to
Procurement Management Section Tel.+82-42-860-6993send to
Website Manager Tel.+82-42-860-6948send to
Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory Tel.+82-42-860-6975send to
Telecommunications & Media Research Laboratory Tel.+82-42-860-4871send to
Intelligent Convergence Research Laboratory Tel.+82-42-860-6486send to
ICT Creative Research Laboratory Tel.+82-42-860-6014send to
KSB(Knowledge-converged Super Brain) Convergence Research Department Tel.+82-42-860-5466send to
SDF(Smart Defense for Foot and Mouth Disease) Convergence Research Department Tel.+82-42-860-6346send to
DMC(Defense Materials and Components) Convergence Research Department Tel.+82-42-860-5962send to
Daegu-Gyeongbuk Research Center Tel.+82-53-670-8010send to
Honam Research Center Tel.+82-62-970-6511send to
Seoul SW-SoC Convergence R&BD Center Tel.+82-31-739-7220send to
SMEs and Commercialization Division Tel.+82-42-860-6710send to
Planning Division Tel.+82-42-860-5376send to
Administration Division Tel.+82-42-860-3890send to
Public Relations Department Tel.+82-42-860-0670send to
ETRI Beijing R&D Center Tel.+86-186-1408-8551send to
ETRI USA R&D Center Tel.1-669-287-0114send to