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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Patent Applications & Technology Transfer

  • Patent Applications(2014~2018)

    No. of Patent Application : 15,246 cases(Total of past 5 years)

  • Technology Transfer(2014~2018)

    No. of Technology/Royalty Income : 2,411 cases/176,237 million won(Total of past 5 years)

    Num. of Technolohy/Royalty Income (unit : cases, million won)

Standardization & SCI Papers

  • Standardization(2014~2018)

    No. of Standards Contributions Adopted/Standard Experts : 6,371 cases/451 person(Total of past 5 years)

    Num. of standards Contributions Adopted (Unit : cases)
  • SCI Papers(2014~2018)

    No. of SCI Papers/Average IF : 1,087 cases(Total of past 5 years)/2.65(Average)

    Num. of SCI Papers (unit: cases)