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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Optical Application

  • Development of high speed optical components and module
    - ARS setup multidisciplinary co-design environment composed of various field of experts such as optical design, thermal/structure design, RF transmission line design, packaging and prototyping segments. In particular, - ARS is developing a technology and supporting a industry by conducting a commercialization project.

     Image <Development of high speed optical components and module>
  • Photonics-based process innovation platform establishments and supports for industrialization
    - ARS plans to establish an advancement of process technology for unit process, combined processes, measurement · inspection, integrated control, and customized processes in the manufacturing fields such as optical components, electronic components, sensor modules and so on. OARS is going to establish a technology support center for pilot production and rapid manufacturing for time-to-market of new high value added products available within two to three years. It will also endeavor to help small and medium-sized part manufacturers become global leading companies by providing equipment support, prototype production support, technical advice/consultation, technical education, and information related to market and technology trend.

     Image <Photonics-based process innovation platform establishments and supports for industrialization>