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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Self-Machine Learning Data Intelligence Research Section

  • Self-machine learning data intelligence technology
    1. Trust preprocessing of multi-modal IoE data at a peta-byte scale
    - Self-machine learning based customized classification of multi-modal IoE data and automated recommendation of filtering methods
    - Self-reconfigurable trust preprocessing engine capable of processing high-capacity data in real-time

    2. Cross-layer based IoE intellectual security mechanism
    - Reliability analysis of IoE data and its reliability decision
    - The method to filter or block the IoE data with polluted reliability
    - Privacy preserving machine learning data processing without any disclosure of privacy information

    3. Multi-modal IoE data acquisition for the self-machine learning and profound data analysis
  • IoE based elderly health monitoring technology
    - Standardization on the measurement methodologies of physical, physiological, and behavioral patterns for the elderly
    - Database construction of physiological signals and behavioral patterns
    - Disease prediction algorithm with the self-machine learning engine
    - Realization of “IoE public healthcare service” and “Intelligent Life Advisor”