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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Geo-environment Monitoring Research Section

  • Urban geo-environment monitoring system
    To predict unexpected underground events such as urban road collapse, reliable real-time geo-environment monitoring networks in urban sites are strongly demanded. We design a data collection device that can measure various groundwater and soil environment factors simultaneously, and efficiently transmit big data using the advanced WPAN technology. Analyzed data will be accessible by municipal governments or public through a web-based GIS system.
  • Field and laboratory-scale road collapse experiments
    Collapsing mechanism can be understood clearer through the field and laboratory experiments. We establish modeling cases with various soil composition, groundwater level, and cavity size settings. Real-time groundwater monitoring data, EM images, and deformation data will be combined for comprehensive data analysis.
  • SRI (urban Sinkhole Risk Index)
    SRI reflects so-far available scientific findings about road collapse mechanism and aims to estimate areas more susceptible to collapse. SRI consists of geo-environemt factors and underground facility factors. The geo-environment factors include soil grain size, compaction, and pore pressure, and the underground facility factors include stabilities/durabilities of underground structures, and pavement types and thickness, etc.