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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Metro Underground Research Section

  • RDCP + GPR
    Risk assessment of void occurrence below urban railroad and development of its evaluation method
  • LWD
    Estimation of subsoil under urban railroad using SASW
  • Optical Fiber
    Distributed optical fiber sensing system
  • Locomotive-type tunnel scanner
    Laser-image based tunnel scanning system
  • MEMS
    Measurement of train-induced ground response and estimation of boding state
  • UWB radar
    Ground monitoring system
  • Real-time monitoring system
    Real-time monitoring system for inflow groundwater of urban railroad
    With ETRI as the well-known research institute in the IT field, the metro underground research section that has been dispatched from KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute) continue to reassure the people who could ask for fear of jeopardizing their safety. Thus, we will play a leading role in the world’s railroads