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Introduction of Research

Under Ground Pipeline Safety Research Section

  • Water Pipeline Subsidence Risk Estimation System
    Water pipelines are the main national lifeline installed in urban underground below roadways. The system is very complicated and there is a limitation for the management of old facilities in terms of leakage and poor installation. In this aspect, regular based monitoring effort for dangerous factors surrounding water pipes is necessary to prevent massive social and economic loss caused by abrupt road-side subsidence. In this research, we are developing detection facilities for leak and movement of water pipelines. Once the system is developed, we can find the leak area and interpret the displacement of water pipeline. These information will provide the way to analyze ground subsidence risk estimation.

     Image <Water Pipeline Subsidence Risk Estimation System>
  • Characteristics of Sewer Inspection Device and Structural Integrity Assessment System
    Sewer causes many problems due to the passive and selective maintenance. Most of sewer maintenance manger in Korea have difficulties to maintain the sewer lines in a constant and efficient manner.
    Old sewer pipeline is known for a main factor causing the urban ground subsidences. And the proportion of old sewer has been rapidly increasing in which they are 20 years passed since installation. Therefore, there have beeen the needs for the efficient technologies and systems to evaluate sewer safety.
    In this research part, we are developing a device which take high resolution sewer pipeline inner images over 2M pixel and panoramize the images using location and position information measured by the device. In software point of view, the algorithm and software for automatic damage detection and auto-report writing using CCTV movie is under development. This system analyzes the sewer defects and make a sewer pipeline safety reports automatically.

     Image <Characteristics of Sewer Inspection Device and Structural Integrity Assessment Algorithm>
  • Detection system for pipeline surrounding cavities
    In this study, we are searching the most suitable inspection method for ground cavity detection system for surrounding pipelines by applying geophysical techniques to find cavities outside sewer structures.
    The system performance is objected to have inspection reliability over 80% within 1m of the sewer backside area. It is a also research goal to develop the GPR-mounted robot system which can be applied for sewer pipe(D:800~1200mm). We can evaluate the ground subsidence risk by analyzing acquired data from the cavity detection system.

     Image <Detection system for pipeline surrounding cavities>