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Introduction of Research

Meteorological Satellite Ground Segment Development Department

  • Meteorological data reception & processing technology
    Reception & processing technology receives weather and the space weather data from GK-2A satellite for pre-processing, processing to produce data that can be used in weather, meteorological research and other fields includes a transmission function of the pre-processing broadcast service analysis data.
    Weather and space weather data reception processing technology can be classified into the following four technology.
    - Transmitting and receiving technology
    - Meteorological data pre-processing technology
    - Meteorological data processing technology
    - Space weather data processing technology
  • Meteorological data analysis technology
    It is to develop the meteorological data analysis system to support the analysis and forecasting of meteorological phenomena like cloud, typhoon, dust, fog, etc. Wide range from the GK-2A satellite data to other auxiliary materials are used as an analysis input to this system. It monitors and displays various meteorological phenomena through a dashboard and provides the GUI-based front-end tools enabling overlapped image presentation, multiple presentation, time-moving presentation, graphic editing, time/space statistics of meterological data.
  • Satellite Data Management and Service Technology
    This technology is about developing and implementing the integrated data management system whose main purpose is to manage all of the products generated from GK-2A ground segment systems as well as foreign satellite data and various additional or supplement materials collected from outside agencies.
    It also develops the system which can deliver the Intranet service to National Meteorological Satellite Center and the Internet service to the public at the same time.
  • Ground segment management and operational control technology
    The ground segment management and operational control technology is the technology that integrated monitoring and control the ground segment system and the quality of the weather and space weather product data.

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