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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Human Resources Department

  • Human Resources Strategy Section (Director : Kim Shin Young T.+82-42-860-0930)
    - Developing and performing a recruiting system
    - Full-time positions recruitment
    - Performance evaluation of human resources
    - Salary, allowances, retirement pensions, payment plans
    - Managing employees’ legal insurance and retirement benefits
    - Incentive
  • Personnel Resources Management Section (Director: Kim Kyung Seok T.+82-42-860-6958)
    - Promotions, awards, disciplinary actions, dispatch temporary retirement, dispatch, bywork, management
    - Career development (CDP)
    - Business trips
    - Part-time positions recruitment and placement of human resources
    - Employee medical checkup, working environment measurement and monitoring
  • Education & Training Section (Director: Hong Dong Heum T.+82-42-860-6957)
    - Planning to educate human resources
    - Operating domestic and foreign training courses
    - Development and improvement of various education and training systems
    - Studies annual collaboration of curriculum
    - Managing UST trainees
  • Labor Relations Section (Director : Chong Gwan Young T. +82-42-860-0940)
    - Planning labor-management
    - Managing unions and the Labor Council
    - Collective bargaining and collective agreements
    - Wage agreement with unions
    - Managing collective agreements and wage agreements