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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Financial Management Department

  • Accounting Management Section (Director : Choi Wook Su T.+82-42-860-6993)
    - Managing current assets including cash, cash equivalents, and securities
    - Handling tax withholding and various tax affairs
    - Monitoring expenditures/expenses and preparing variance reports by comparing actual performance with the budgeted financial outcome
    - Managing documents and bookkeeping
    - Preparing financial statements
  • Procurement Management Section (Director : Park Yang Hwa T.+82-42-860-5454)
    - Establishing a strategic purchase and procurement schedule both in foreign and domestic currencies
    - Performing marketing research and managing purchasing agreements
    - Managing construction agreements, outsourcing agreements, and lease agreements
    - Organizing the disposition of assets as well as managing product maintenance and repair agreements
    - Managing international purchasing agreements and related duties associated with international transactions
  • Asset Management Section (Director : Kim Hyung O T.+82-42-860-0840)
    - Performing overall management of all tangible assets at the institutional level
    - Responsible for recognition, transfer and disposal of tangible assets
    - Maintaining the records of IN/OUT of all recognized tangible assets
    - Property management on real estate of the Institutes
    - Performing both regular and occasional inspections on recognized tangible assets