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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

R&D Commercialization Department

  • Commercialization Strategy Section
    • Commercialization Strategy Section conducts the activities for promoting both domestic and foreign technology commercialization.
    • Our role consists of the establishment of ETRI’s medium-and long-term commercialization strategy, management of commercialization deliberating committee, the publication of 'Technology-Demand Survey for R&D Planning', and the support of commercialization through the analysis of current issues in commercialization such as policies and trends. In addition, The section manages cooperative network systems between private or public external business organizations and technology valuation.

    Commercialization Strategy Section Image <Commercialization Strategy Section>
  • R&BD Cooperation Section
    R&BD Cooperation Section aims to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization of ETRI by building a internal and external demand-driven networks and establishing TLO-based technology marketing strategies. The section focuses on strengthening open cooperation networks, leading TLO-based domestic and overseas technology marketing and developing the business model for core technology commercialization. To achieve these strategies, it is responsible for domestic and overseas technology marketing; operation of E-Community and E-Forum; support for ICT R&D Voucher Program; publication of technology supply announcement and cooperation with internal SMEs support section.

    R&BD Cooperation Section Image <R&BD Cooperation Section>
  • Start-up Incubation Section
    The Start-up incubation Section contributes to job creation at the national level through the invigoration of ETRI researchers' start-ups. To achieve this, the section has been guiding a preliminary start-up and a technology venture in order to minimize the potential risk of a venture business.

    - Supporting Preliminary Start-ups: the section consults ETRI researchers about their preliminary start-ups as well as joint preliminary start-ups with outsiders owing to the pursuit of Open Innovation. These are ultimately intended to invigorate ETRI researchers' start-ups. To accomplish this, the section operates the customized and integrated Pre-Incubation System that provides a total package (further development, facilities, research staff, etc.), networking (commercialization linked with SMEs, expert consulting, etc.), and exit(establishment of corporations, joint venture with major enterprises, etc.).
    - Venture Incubation: In order to lead to an actual start-up after a preliminary start-up, the section provides resident companies with tangible and intangible packages such as venture Incubation facilities, professional mentoring programs, various entrepreneurship educations, and information about government business. This is to minimize the risk of a venture and increase the success rate of the initial venture.
    - Administrating the research institute companies: the section administers ETRI holdings and the research institute companies in order to operate efficiently. The section also carries out the establishment of research institute companies and the best follow-up tasks by improving systems associated with the establishment of the company and running a Start-up Deliberate Commission.
    - Establishing the Cooperative Relationship between ETRI and SMEs: The section always makes an effort to establish a cooperative relationship with SMEs both internally and externally, maintaining a close relationship between ETRI and SMEs. The Section also makes considerable efforts to comprehend the difficulties of SMEs, demands of SMEs for new technology, and supporting projects for SMEs. In addition, The section shares technologies and ideas and lead to joint research with SEMs by running a Technology Exchange Group in each technology field.

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