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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Cyber Security Research Division

  • Intelligent Security Research Group
    As the attack surface is expanded and the attack method is becoming more intelligent in the intelligence information society, we are focusing on research and development of intelligent information security technology such as the fundamental protection of the cryptographic primitives and cryptographic key, and the new cyber threat response and social security protection according to intelligence information technology, in order to adaptively respond in the intelligent society.
    Recently our research group has conducted security projects in the following areas.

    Research of Crypto-Primitives and Data Privacy
    (PL : CHANG. Ku-Young,, +82-42-860-1525)
    We are researching crypto-primitives which are essential for information security and data privacy protecting technologies for using encrypted data safely.
    - Cryptography : development of various crypto-systems and applications including homomorphic encryption, Lattice-based cryptography, order-preserving encryption.
    - Design of new cryptographic primitives : research of new crypto-design technologies for quantum-safe cryptography and neural cryptography to prepare newly changing IT environment.
    - Data Privacy : Providing primitives for CipherData where users can freely use encrypted data as plain-data and privacy protecting technologies

    Cryptographic Key Protection and Cryptographic Key Analysis Technologies
    (PL : KANG, You-Sung,, +82-42-860-5960)
    We are researching and developing the technology for secure generation, storage and management of cryptographic keys, which are essential in the cryptographic module of the information security system, and cryptographic key vulnerability analysis technology.
    - Cryptographic Key Protection : HW/SW based secure key generation/storage, key hiding technology. And key management infrastructure technology complying with global standard(KMIP) interface.
    - Cryptographic Key Analysis : Cryptographic key vulnerability analysis technology for various smart devices such as credit card, cash card, USIM, and smart phone. And side-channel analysis system on various platforms.

    Cloud-based Security Intelligence Technology Development
    (PL : KIM, Jong-Hyun,, +82-42-860-3843)
    We are developing an autonomous security framework and system technology capable of dynamically reconfiguring security functions and intelligently analyzing/responding them to provide security services customized for various environments.
    - Dynamic configuration/management technology for customized security services to provide optimized security services to users
    - Intelligent security analysis and control technology for threat analysis and response to specific environments such as SMEs, IoT / CPS and public infrastructure
    - An autonomous cloud security infrastructure technology that provides a robust, dynamic execution environment platform and self-protection method for security functions

    Vision brain-based Intelligent City Surveillance Technologies
    (PL : KIM, Geon-Woo,, +82-42-860-5427)
    We have been developing intelligent video analytics based on vision brain for social safety services in video crowd sourcing environment.
    - Video crowd sourcing: Real-time global threat awareness and privacy protection in citizen-participating crowd sourcing environment
    - Intelligent incubator platform: Cloud-based intelligent incubating service platform using perceptive neural network
    - Human Identification: Unconstraint/user-friendly human identification technology and multi-factor authentication mechanism

     Image <Cryptographic Key Protection and Cryptographic Key Analysis Technologies>

     Image <Cloud-based Security Intelligence Technology Development>

     Image <Vision brain-based Intelligent City Surveillance Technologies>
  • System Security Research Group
    Our research is focus on security of CPS infrastructure for evolution towards a hyper-connected society.
    In the hyper-connected society, threat of cyber space is extended to physical space, such as power network, industry control system, smart car, smart city due to cyber-physical connection.
    Our research group make an effort to provide protection at risk and enforcement of security on cyber-physical system level. Recently our research group has conducted security projects in the following areas.

    Researching core security technology for lightweight IoT devices
    (PL : KIM, Jeong-Nyeo,, +82-42-860-4884)
    In order to secure lightweight IoT devices, which are difficult to provide security function due to limited available resources,
    we are researching and developing security technologies for lightweight IoT devices. Details of research are as follows.
    - Lightweight secure kernel technologies including firmware forgery prevention, standards-based security protocols, lightweight cryptography and secure storage
    - Secure kernel reconfiguration technology for applying proper securities to devices with various resource specifications
    - Secure remote device management technologies including device identification and device authentication based on security policy

    Developing Unidirectional Security Gateways in cyber-physical systems
    (PL : HEO, Young-Jun,, +82-42-860-5473)
    Unidirectional security gateway system allows data to travel only in one direction with physical connection line cut to block external cyber threat that are aimed at national infrastructure and industrial control system.
    - Unidirectional network interface card
    - Unidirectional data transfer proxy
    - Firmware integrity verification

    Automotive Cyber security
    (PL : KWON, Hyeok-Chan,, +82-42-860-5941)
    In order to provide safe autonomous driving service, we are developing a technology to block the internal/external hacking routes and ensure the reliability of V2X communication services. Recently our research team has conducted the following R&D projects on:
    - Automotive V2X cyber security technologies for safe autonomous driving
    - Remote hacking prevention & anomaly detection technology for autonomous vehicle
    - V2X security acceleration technology based on CPU/GPU hybrid multi-core scheduling
    - International collaborative research on V2X security technology
    (PL : LEE, Sang-Woo,, +82-42-860-1097)

    Ship/Maritime Cyber security
    (PL : CHUNG, Byung-Ho,, +82-42-860-5489)
    Our research is focused on the provision of safety and security on shipborne equipment and maritime services. This includes the ship area network (SAN), ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication and various e-navigation services. Recently our research team has conducted the following R&D projects on:
    - Shipborne network and gateway security
    - Identity and security management of Maritime Cloud for e-navigation
    - Common Maritime Data Structure
    - Cyber security and communication for autonomous ship

     Image <Researching core security technology for lightweight IoT devices protection>

     Image <Developing Unidirectional Security Gateways in cyber-physical systems>

     Image <Developing Unidirectional Security Gateways in cyber-physical systems>

     Image <Automotive Cyber security>

     Image <Ship/Maritime Cyber security>
  • FinTech Security Research
    (PL : KIM, Soo-Hyung,, 042-860-1520)
    We are responsible for research and development in various security and authentication technologies to enable entities to provide secure and convenient FinTech services in smart environments.
    - Universal Authentication – developing an open universal authentication platform for strong authentication such as FIDO to support for flexible and multi-factor authentication mechanisms including biometrics.
    - Continuous Authentication – continuously and implicitly authenticating an entity by monitoring behavioral and environmental traits
    - Biometric Public Key Infrastructure – providing Public Key Infrastructure using biometrics by extracting a key from nosy biometric information

     Image <FinTech Security Research >