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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Defence & Security ICT Convergence Center

  • Defense Trust Infrastructure Lab
    The Defense Trust Infrastructure Laboratory has developed a(the ?) reliable connectivity control and on-demand service access control technology of end-to-end security tunneling for dynamic infrastructure (terminal-network-server-cloud) path according to usage-grade when accessing mobile/intranet/cloud service. Especially, this technology is a necessary technology for a special purpose network environment such as defense and disaster.

    [Project name] : The Development of Adaptive Network Technology with Multi-Media Multi-Path
    (Project Leader : Park HeaSook,, 042-860-6707)
    We are developing highly trust and intelligent networking technology that can cope with real-time situation by utilizing all available communication infrastructure resources in dynamic mission-critical network environment that requires absolute survival and security.
    - Load balancing technology that increases performance and efficiency by using distributed data transmission using available multi communication media
    - Network optimization technology that selects and transmits communication media that meets(?) policy priorities such as cost, bandwidth, delay and stability
    - A study on prevention of information leakage on whole data information when one communication media is stolen

     Image < >

     Image <Development and testing of multi-media multipath transmission function>
  • Future Warrior ICT Platform Research Section
    Future Warrior ICT Platform Research Section is developing ⓵ AI-centered future augmented soldier ICT Platform technology that can enhance a soldier to become a powerful weapon system by himself. ⓶ AR/VR/MR based Training System, which provides a fully immersive training environment modeling real combat situations for Special forces.

    Location spatial cognition enhancement technology
    (Project Leader : Sangjoon Park,, +82-42-860-5474)

    Developing personalized location-spatial cognitive enhancement technology and core technologies as follows
    - 3D sub-meter class high precision pedestrian position and navigation technology
    - Object and danger detection technology for pedestrian
    - Cognitive computing technology for automatic generation and update of positioning resource information
    - Open Location based service system technology
    - National ice-hockey team sports analysis system technology

    Fully immersive AR/VR/MR based training system for special forces
    (Project Leader : Sangjoon Park,, +82-42-860-5474)
    The purpose of our project is to develop a fully immersive virtual simulation training system, which will enable soldiers, leaders, and units to train in a virtual environment to increase the quality of instruction and combat preparedness, while at the same time reducing traditional training expenses associated with large-scale instruction facilities. Core technologies are as follows
    – Multi RGB-depth sensor fusion based pose and location aware technology
    - Realtime action recognition technology
    - Fully immersive AR/VR/MR based Training System technology

     Image <Fully immersive AR/VR/MR based Training System for special forces>

     Image <Location spatial cognition enhancement technology>
  • Defense IDX Policy Lab
     Defense IDX Policy Section is focusing on the following research activities in order to plan the projects of the Defence-ICT Convergence:
    - Establishment of mid-to-long term roadmap for Defence-ICT Convergence and development of strategies for mid-to-long technology development
    - Defence-ICT Convergence Ecosystem analysis and research on defence technology policy
    - Finding the promising R&D areas for ICT Convergence in Science Technology-Defence Technology
    - Planning and general management for projects of Defence-ICT Convergence
    - Cooperation with defense related agencies such as the Ministry of National Defense, Radiation Agency, ADD, and Defense Companies

     Image <Government-invested Research Institute’s Task Force Meeting to secure future >