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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Intelligence Information Research Division

  • Language Intelligence Research Group
    We aims to develop technologies related to language intelligence, which is a core technology of the intelligent information age. We will research the Question Answering technology that gives the exact answer, the multilingual automatic translation technology to solve the language barriers in the global environment, and the dialogue processing technology to support the natural communication with the machine. The Exobrain Question Answering technology that won the EBS Janghak Quiz Show will be expanded to Q/A for professional fields. And machine translation technology will be expanded to real-time simultaneous interpretation, and dialogue processing technology to free speech processing technology.

    Main Research Area
    - Question Answering technology
    - Multilingual machine translation technology
    - Dialogue processing technology

     Image <Language Intelligence Research Group>
  • Speech Intelligence Research Group
    We conduct research on voice intelligence technology which is the main field of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition and automatic speech translation. We are studying multilingual automatic speech translation technology that can break the language barriers in global environment and conversational speech interface technology supporting human-friendly and intelligent services in IoT environment. We are also developing a computer aided L2(second language) learning system using the conversational speech interface technology integrated with educational services.

    Main Research Area
    - multilingual automatic speech translation technology
    - conversation speech interface technology

     Image <Speech Intelligence Research Group>
  • Visual Intelligence Research Group
    Even though visual big data(image, video) forms 70% of unstructured data, technology for analyzing the visual big data is very limited due to the lack of software intelligence to understand the semantics inside the visual data. The Visual Intelligence Software Research aims for human like visual data understanding by massive machine learning and knowledge inference. The followings are main technical challenges create visual intelligence software.

    Main Research Area
    - Massive scale machine learning for Visual Intelligence
    - Extracting/understanding/reasoning of semantics from visual data
    - Large scale image/video analytics

     Image <Visual Intelligence Research Group>
  • Smart Data Research Group
    SmartData is a technology that explores ‘data intelligence’ by taking the next step in BigData technology. The SmartData Research Group studies BigData Platform in addition to data value discovery, data verification and data virtualization.

    Main Research Area
    - Unified BigData Platform for integrating Transaction Processing & Realtime Analytics
    - Open Data Distribution Platform Technology
    - Self-evolution simulation SW for predictive analytics of social change
    - FastData Real-time Predictive Analytics

     Image <Smart Data Research Group>