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Introduction of Research

Digital Biomedical Research Division

  • The Medical Information Research Section
    The Medical Information Research Section is mainly developing big data analysis technology of medical information and medical imaging technology. As parts of these, we are developing the multi-center distributed intelligence reinforcement federation technology for cooperating optimal treatments(aka ‘Dr.Path Technology’) and ‘X-ray CT imaging technology’ that can reconstruct high-precision/high-contrast 3D image of human body.

    In ‘Dr.Path technology’, we are developing artificial intelligence federation technology that enables multi-hospital cooperation to resolve medical imbalance between regions and search for an patient-specific optimal treatment path, and an intelligent cooperative treatment service using it. Through this development, we plan to acquire exploratory technologies for examination, diagnosis, prescription, and surgery skills to achieve optimal treatment in emergency disease such as sepsis.

    In ‘X-ray CT Imaging Technology’, we are developing artificial intelligence technology that automatically corrects errors in geometric information of CT imaging equipment, and through this, we are trying to enable high-quality CT imaging in mobile C-arm CT equipment. In addition, a photon counting detector-based CT imaging system was established and a basic 3D material decomposition imaging algorithm was developed. Through follow-up research, we are planning to develop high-precision material decomposition imaging technology and high-contrast material-specific imaging technology.

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  • The Intelligent Human Twin Research Center
    The Intelligent Human Twin Research Center recognizes the need for life cycle rehabilitation through the linkage between medical care and community sports. We are conducting research and development with the goal of realizing a rehabilitation exercise environment without blind spots to improve the health of vulnerable groups such as the disabled and the elderly in the community.

    As part of this research we are developing medical-community link rehabilitation exercise big data platform technology and AI-based personalized rehabilitation exercise service technology to support life cycle rehabilitation exercise.

    As detailed technologies related to the rehabilitation exercise big data platform, we are developing life cycle rehabilitation dataset and linkage technology, life cycle rehabilitation process, rehabilitation level analysis and prediction algorithm, cloud infrastructure, and operation/management technology. In addition, as detailed technologies related to AI-based personalized rehabilitation service, we are developing customized rehabilitation exercise contents and programs, personalized rehabilitation exercise AI coach technology, and intelligent rehabilitation exercise service technology linked to rehabilitation exercise big data platform.

    Intelligent Human Twin Research Center Image Image <Intelligent Human Twin Research Center>