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Introduction of Research

Defense & Safety Convergence Research Division

  • Defence ICT Convergence Research Section
    Defense ICT Convergence Research Section is developing hyper-connected trust network and intelligent management/control networking technologies that dynamically provides end-to-end trusted connectivity to between mobile device, network and server(application/data/cloud) depending on usage and grade. These core technologies can be used to build a network environments for special purpose, e.g., defense and disaster network based on commercial ICTs such that Wi-Fi and 5G technologies.

    And we are developing AI-centered future augmented soldier ICT Platform technology that can enhance a soldier to become a powerful weapon system by himself. AR/VR/MR based Training System, which provides a fully immersive training environment modeling real combat situations for Special forces.

    [Project name]: Development of trust inter-networking technology of defense mobile environment for real-time information sharing
    (Project Leader: Park HeaSook,, +82-42-860-6707)

    In order to establish a defense mobile network environment, we are developing technology solutions that enable reliable connection and inter working between the defense information communication network and commercial mobile(5G) networks. Through this, real-time sharing of field information and national defense network business services will be possible with mobile devices.
    - Lightweight and portable MEC(Mobile Edge Computing) Technology

    [Core Technology] : AI Military Staff Technology
    (Project Leader : Lee ChangEun,, 042-860-4823)

    Based on the information collected from the real-time battlefield situation, we are developing core technologies for timely command in the battlefield and decision support using time-space multi-layer global situation recognition through correlation mapping between unit knowledge.
    - Robust Knowledge Generation in Complexed Battlefield
    - Explainable Knowledge Graph Generation
    - Battlefield Situation Awareness Based on the Knowledge Graph

    [Project name] : Synthetic Battlefield Environment based Integrated Combat Training Platform
    (Project Leader : Sangjoon Park,, +82-42-860-5474)

    In order to supplement the limitations and limitations of live training, we are supervising and developing fully immersive integrated combat training platform technology that enables mastery of tactical training on a large scale by linking individual soldiers and maneuver simulators in a digitally implemented synthetic battlefield environment. Core technologies are as follows
    - Omni-directional treadmill and precise control technology
    - AI-based low-latency trainee posture and action recognition technology
    - Manipulator technology that gives trainees bold movement and safety
    - Patch-type flexible device technology for bio/physical analysis of trainees in harsh environments
    - Test bed development for core technology verification

    The Concept of AI Military Staff Technology Image Image <The Concept of AI Military Staff Technology >

    The Concept of AI Military Staff Technology_2 Image Image <The Concept of AI Military Staff Technology_2>

     Image <Synthetic Battlefield Environment based Integrated Combat Training Platform>
  • The Police Science & Public Safety ICT Research Center
    The Police Science & Public Safety ICT Research Center develops crime danger prevention & danger initial response technologies based on artificial intelligence technologies such as reinforcement learning, and also researches and develops public safety response platform technologies for improving ability of the general public’s living safety response and for supporting field-centric tasks of field response department such as police office.

    Main R&D technologies of the Police Science & Public Safety ICT Research Center include a system construction technology for collection and statistics of multi-log data for public order related heterogeneous data , system development technology for real-time danger detection/ prediction/ evasion/ notification, auto-classification technology of crime types, danger prediction technology based on similarities of crime incidents, human network generation technology, decision-making system technology to respond to 112 & 119 reports, smart street lamp platform technology, digital prevention technology, and safety monitoring technology for power distribution of railway.

    The Police Science & Public Safety ICT Research Center Image Image <The Police Science & Public Safety ICT Research Center>
  • The Industrial & Personal Safety Intelligence Research Section
    The Industrial & Personal Safety Intelligence Research Section conducts R&D on technologies that support all citizens to lead a safe life from personal daily life to industrial sites, which are workplaces.

    Key technologies include technology to quickly and accurately detect fire without false alarms, technology to recognize and prevent fire risks in various spaces such as multi-use facilities, and devices that support effective and safe response activities at maritime/land disaster sites. In addition, we are expanding the scope of R&D to ensure personal safety, such as securing worker safety at industrial sites, detecting risk factors on site, and monitoring workers' health.

    The Industrial & Personal Safety Intelligence Research Section Image Image <The Industrial & Personal Safety Intelligence Research Section>
  • The Disaster Safety Intelligence Convergence Center
    The Disaster Safety Intelligence Convergence Center conducts research and development the SMART disaster management platform in the field of disaster safety management using cutting-edge ICT technologies such as digital twin, AI, IoT, and 5G/PS-LTE and we are striving to contribute to the construction of the Safe Korea by providing a safe and sustainable social life from disasters to the people.

    We are conducting R&D in four representative areas in order to achieve the above goals,

    1) The development of the infrastructure disaster safety management based on digital twin that can prevent disaster occurrence and proactive respond through modelling and simulation experiments on virtual world that is the same as the real world
    2) The development of the complexed disaster diffusion technology to reduce damage by automatically generating scenarios and predicting the spread of large-scale complex disasters caused by rapid urbanization and industrialization
    3) The develop of disaster information technology to deliver prompt and accurate disaster information to the people, to quickly propagate the situation to disaster managers, and to share two-way disaster information
    4) The development of Intelligent disaster safety management technology that manages and infers regional and seasonal risks

    The Disaster Safety Intelligence Convergence Center Image Image <The Disaster Safety Intelligence Convergence Center>