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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

SW·Contents Basic Technology Research Group

SW·콘텐츠원천연구그룹 이미지

SW·Contents Basic Technology Research Group pursue acquirements of creative seed technologies and overcoming technological limits to prepare the forthcoming future world.
Our current research area are transparent and flexible user interface technology for comfortable and convenient life, efficient system software for next generation many core computer system, and wearable computing technologies that perceive and help human being.
In order to secure core technology for pleasurable UI/UX, our scope spans from fundamental device material research to optimized-by-software as well as human culture. By harnessing collective intelligence such as collaborating with many universities and adopting open source software policy, we hope our research results make the future more abundant. We are also developing wearable computing devices and human-centric UI/UX technologies to provide augmented human ability services by understanding human behavior from big data related to human(lifelog, bio & health data, personal media, etc.).

SW·Contents Basic Technology Research Group  Image

Managing Director Jung, Hui Beom