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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Meteorological Satellite Ground Segment Development Department

기상위성지상국개발단 이미지

Meteorological Satellite Ground Segment Development Group has been developing a ground system that consists of an ensemble of facilities responsible for the acquisition, processing, distribution and archiving of the next generation geostationary meteorological satellite (GK-2A) data.

The GK-2A satellite was launched in the end of 2018 for the meteorological mission and the space weather monitoring mission and replace the first geostationary multi-purpose satellite (Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite; COMS).

To support these goals, we plan to make synergy effect through a collaboration with a domestic and international groups by introducing the state-of-art technology and cooperation development with electronics, IT, telecommunications, computer areas. This will be accomplished via a core set of technology development, such as control system, product transmitter/receiver, product pre-process and process/analysis system, space weather product process system, mission management, quality assurance, image processing user custom service, ㅣ1/L2 algorithm experimental tool, and broadcasting system.

We keep developing a new technology for a new ground segment of a polar-orbiting meteorological satellite mission.

Meteorological Satellite Ground Segment Development Department Image

Assistant Vice President AHN, Do Seob

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