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Introduction of Research

Giga Service Research Department

기가서비스연구부 이미지

A requirement of ultra-high speed data transmission for mobile communications caused by an explosive increase in traffic has been confirmed. Correspondingly, the research on millimeter wave (mmWave) based broadband wireless transmission technology has been formally started.
According to the trend of development of communication environments, the requirements of broadband mobile, massive connectivity, and high reliability/low latency have been suggested at ITU-R(WP5D). In order to meet the requirements, 8 Key Capabilities have been defined for 5G mobile telecommunication systems and the IMT-2020 is proposed to be the embodiment of 5G. In particular, since the mmWave frequency band has been planned at the ITU-R WRC-19 to be the frequency band for providing the broadband mobile services, it is necessary to guarantee the maximization of the domestic 5G technological prowess and the market through the development of key technology employing the new frequency band and the early commercialization of it.

The measurement and modeling of the mmWave propagation characteristics, and the development of mobile hotspot network for high-speed moving objectives employing mmWave etc. are currently on-going in the Wireless Transmission Research Department for the purpose of completely exploring the upcoming mmWave based services in the future. Furthermore, research on core transmission and access technologies for international standardization and deployment of 5G mobile communication system are ongoing by carrying out the project “Development of key technologies and prototype for 5G mobile communication system based on millimeter-wave (Giga KOREA-5G)”. The results will be utilized for trial service at 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic.

5G radio access technologies consist of the integrated radio frame structure providing three 5G service scenarios in frequency bands of below 6GHz or more and the key technologies enabling each 5G service scenario. The department is going to bring the key technologies to the 3GPP standardization activities of the next generation access in mobile communication system. In long term research area, new multiple access providing massive connectivity for 5G IoT service scenario, enabling technologies of ultra-dense network (UDN) for high-capacity transmission, and novel technologies of the integration of wireless backhaul and wireless fronthaul providing flexible 5G access network have been studied to secure global leadership of 5G radio access technologies in 5G mobile communication system. The QK-5G technology-leading project have research topics on 5G radio access for small business area and play the role of helping partner companies build business ecosystems and extend their market shares using the project outcome.

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Executive Director Jang, Jong Hyun

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