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Introduction of Research

Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Research Division

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The Aerospace ICT Research Department conducts research on the state-of-the-art satellite technologies such as the satellite infrastructure and services, lunar mission, and satellite navigation, and aviation ICTs including communications, safe flight, and application technologies of the unmanned aircraft system(UAS).
In the satellite technology area, we are focusing on the development of GEO (geostationary earth orbit)/LEO(low earth orbit) satellite payload, next generation MMIC/RFIC/antennas, SAR (synthetic aperture radar), GEO/LEO satellite ground control system, VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal) based disaster and emergency satellite communications, satellite carrier in carrier transmission & realistic IP converged media satellite broadcasting technology, deep pace Internet and ground control system for lunar mission, Satellite Communication Earth Station development for SBAS(satellite based augmentation system), and Radio Interferences which are occurred within GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) signal generation and impact evaluation technologies.

In the aviation ICT area, we are developing ground command and control data link technologies for civil UAS. Furthermore, we are planning to study the following technologies : payload communications for unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) mission, GNSS-denied navigation, detection and avoidance of moving & static obstacles, traffic management technologies for small UAS, technologies to minimize/mitigate the anticipated negative effects derived by UAV applications, and so on.

Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President Ahn, Jae yeong

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