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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

광무선원천연구본부 이미지

As modern society is facing the fourth industrial revolution beyond information-oriented one, a need for high speed and large capacity mobile, satellite, fiber optic telecommunications systems is rapidly increasing. In this trend, the use of compound semiconductor based ultra high frequency electronic and optical devices is inevitable in constructing a hyper-connected society.

The compound semiconductors such as InP, GaAs, SiGe, and GaN having inherently superior high speed electronic and optical properties to silicon, were used to develop high speed photonic devices and the HEMT and HBT based MMIC (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit) for optical communications and millimeter wave wireless communication systems. We are engaged in vigorous R&D activities on advanced photonics and RF-photonic technologies which bring new innovations and new possibilities to the Terabit optical communications field based on the photonic integrated circuit and millimeter-wave applications.

All R&D’s are being conducted in a custom foundry level 3,600 sq. ft. clean-room laboratory dedicated solely for compound semiconductor device fabrication, which is fully loaded with many sophisticated equipments for processing, monitoring and characterizing up to 4-inch wafers. Laboratory equipments include i-line stepper, electron beam lithography, medium-current ion implanter, Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), rapid thermal annealing, Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD), flip-chip aligner/bonder and laser welder and so on.

The superior results obtained in the area of ultra high frequency devices and opto-electronics are currently being transferred to the industry strengthening the competitiveness in the market. We are devoting ourselves to solidifying infra structure for the world class cluster with leading edge communications component technology. In the future, we will focus our resources on developing core devices with high performance and cost effectiveness for wireless and optical communication system.

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