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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Intelligence Information Research Division

지능정보연구본부 이미지

We aims at Technology Enabler for activation of domestic intelligence information industry and researches key technologies such as language intelligence, voice intelligence, visual intelligence, and smart data that could lead the fourth industrial revolution. We secure core technologies of intelligence information through selection and concentration among various AI technologies and support the activation of industrial ecosystem by supplying and spreading secured technologies through open API platform.

  • Major research areas

    - Language intelligence technology: Question answering technology, machine translation technology, dialogue processing technology,
    - Speech intelligence technology: Speech interface technology, automatic speech translation technology, self-growing artificial intelligence technology
    - Visual intelligence technology: Massive scale machine learning for visual intelligence, extracting/understanding/reasoning of semantics from visual data, large scale image/video analytics
    - Smart data technology: Next-generation data platform technology, smart data content understanding and analysis technology, simulation-based predictive analysis technology

Intelligence Information Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President Ok Gee Min