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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Creative Contents Research Division

차세대콘텐츠연구본부 이미지

The Creative Content Research Division develops video content and convergence related technologies with the goal of creating and improving a people-centered digital life.
To pursue this goal, the Creative Content Research Division has focused aggressively on research and development in the following areas of technology: computer graphics, 2D-3D conversion and interaction, digital holographic content, virtual reality technology, e-learning technology, copyright protection management, mobile visual search technology, digital cinema and signage technology and high-quality video and gaming content production.
In particular the Creative Content Research Division, in collaboration with New Zealand's NHNZ global documentary production company, has revitalized the Creative of video content in the field of 2D-3D content conversion technology This partnership has enabled us to promote research and international cooperation for both the domestic 3D content industry and within the competitive global market, contributing to the Creative Content Research Division's creation of 3D documentary footage in our domestic partnership with the EBS(Educational Broadcasting System).
Convergence in the field of experimental content storytelling and learning systems has been installed in the National Library for Children and Young Adults and is currently being spread across the country and its libraries Through targeted activation of the trial process, tangible augmented Reality-based 3D learning content has been implemented throughout super-junior national public education.
Through technology commercialization the Creative Content Research Division has applied digital cinema content mastering technology in the field of content platform to more than 40 domestic films in addition to our work with NHNZ Also our Mobile Visual Search technology enables us to participate in real amateur E-sports competitions by joining in the adventure with start-up companies which will help sustain region-wide, specially tailored cultural content and services.
In addition our professional research staff at the Smart Center of Anyang, Gyeonggi is developing Smart Content for the realization of the creative economy in the domestic content developers, technology and global market competitiveness The research team takes a hands-on approach to the process with on-site technical support and a test bed operation for the development environment.
Above all, our emphasis on core technology and content creation for new markets has led to innovations in Post 3D content and 3D print application The Creative Content Research Division actively contributes to the growth of the content production industry by developing the cutting edge tools and technologies required by the global content marketplace.

  • Vision

    Realizing life of a pleasant culture by Intelligent Content Technology

  • Goal

    - Secure future content source technology for post 3D era
    - Create human friendly creative content paradigm
    - Secure content based creative renovation technology

Creative Contents Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President Lee, gil haeng

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6360
  • FAX.+82-42-860-1051