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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Intelligent Digital Transformation+ Research Department

IDX+연구단 이미지

The Intelligence Digital Transformation+ (IDX+) Research Team aims novel technologies for cognitive reasoning in artificial intelligence (AI) based on veracity and validity of human and machine-generated data, to augment our mental and physical capabilities.

The IDX+ Research Team focuses on developing a novel self-adaptive cognitive AI model (CybreBrain) with its application to presymptomatic precision medicine (CybreDx), and a holistic multi-domain simulator (CybreSim) with its application to particulate matter analytics (CybreAir).

The research area include Human Enhancement & Assistive Technology Research and Blockchain Technology Research. The Human Enhancement & Assistive Technology Research section focuses on developing core technologies to assist or augment human abilities with understanding human mental and physical condition. Now we work on the multi-sensory ensemble technology for human sensory and perception, physical power enhancement with soft suit and artificial muscle, affective computing for cognitive enhancement and the future user interfaces based on transparent and morphable materials and devices.

Blockchain Technology Research section performs three research projects in the field of blockchain technology: distributed & trusted data transaction platform enabling personal data privacy and rights, distributed self-sovereign identity management, and blockchain networking latency research.

Intelligent Digital Transformation+ Research Department Image

Assistant Vice President WOO, Young Choon

  • TEL.+82-42-860-5939