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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Network Research Division

네트워크연구본부 이미지

The current information society that has been developed through the use of ICT technology is gradually transforming into a hyper-connected intelligent society that enables the fourth industrial revolution. The traditional telecommunication network industry has been stagnant, but in recent years, connection-oriented networking technology has shifted to information/knowledge centric. The networking technology is being more integrated with computing and cloud technologies, which is becoming a key for the unified infrastructure. The network industrial ecosystem is accelerating innovation through openness and collaboration.

Considering these social changes and technology trends, we are pursuing R&D to lead the network technology into the following four key areas.
 - Source technology for future infrastructure
 - Open infrastructure platform technology
 - Mission-centered network convergence technology
 - Optical network technology

In the field of source technology for future infrastructure we are studying the architecture and source technologies of the infrastructure that can overcome the limitation of current network capabilities. The goal is to develop an information-centric distributed intelligence architecture and develop it into a trust-based autonomous infrastructure, ultimately making the infrastructure become super intelligent and organic .

In the open infrastructure platform technology field we are continuously promoting network common element technologies such as SDN/NFV, NOS platform, network engineering, and open source technology to collaborate or provide technical support to the network industry and related R&D projects.

Mission-centered network convergence technology field include studying special purpose infrastructure and network application technologies such as defense network, disaster network, public network, and is continuously trying to discover new area through merging with other industries.

The optical network technology field include research activities on high speed, ultra wideband and low delay technologies. We focus on high-speed optical transmission technology, optical access network and indoor 5G DAS technologies, and all-optical networking technology. (Refer to the activities of the Optical Network Research Group)

Network Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President Yang, Seonhui