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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Intelligent Robotics Research Division

지능로보틱스연구본부 이미지

We aims to solve the national agenda issues such as convenience, safety, and welfare by intelligent robotics technologies. Intelligent robotics research division consists of Autonomous Driving System Group, Human Machine Interaction Group, Intelligence and Robot System Group, and Industry IT Convergence Research Group.

  • Major research activity (Development of ~)

    - Perception/navigation intelligence and integrate platform technologies for autonomous driving cars
    - Precise LDM creation technology
    - High-speed V2X Wireless communication and co-pilot driving technologies
    - Knowledge creation/convergence/analysis/inference technologies for robot
    - Pedestrian location/navigation/behavior-perception, indoor geospatial information system, and location based service technologies
    - Intelligence control of robot and autonomous navigation technologies for robot
    - Basic technologies for next generation imaging system
    - Cognitive enhancement technologies for driver and human vehicle interaction technologies
    - IT technologies for efficient and safe manufacturing process of Ship/Plant
    - Technologies for smart ship IT platform

Intelligent Robotics Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President Sin, Seong Ung