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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Bio-Medical IT Convergence Research Division

바이오의료IT연구본부 이미지

In order to solve the problem of the ever increasing health care cost for the aging population, the emphasis on disease prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment and management of disease are needed.
IT and BT convergence and IT and Medical convergence have been received a lot of interest to develop new diagnostic devices and new medical services.
Bio-Medical IT Convergence Research Division is keeping at development, of new medical equipments and devices, advanced medical SW, large scale bio, medical information processing technologies through applying of IT on BT and medical services in order to meet this social demand.
Bio-Medical IT Convergence Research Division is developing various IT-medical convergence technologies including u-health, which is the health management anytime and anywhere, life-care, which leads healthy life by management of daily life, point-of-care, which makes on-site diagnositc, genetic analysis, which predicts genetic diseases, IT based new diagnosis and treatment system and components of medical devices. We are also actively doing various activities such as enterprising promotion and standardization.

Bio-Medical IT Convergence Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President Kim, Seung Hwan