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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow

Introduction of Research

Content Research Division

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Creative Content Research Division aims at developing core technologies for digital/cultural content processing and enhancing global competitiveness in the areas that will contribute to super-realistic service that maximizes communication and experience. We are focusing our efforts on developing core technologies that can be applied to all industries including education, defense, medicine, and manufacturing as well as entertainment. We are developing realistic image content technology, and affective interaction technology, intelligent content information retrieval technology to promote and lead the creative core technology.

In development of realistic image content technology, we have been developing 3D content, 360º content, VR/AR content, plenoptic image content, holographic content, and 3D character creation/authoring/editing/visualization technology. Those technologies are being applied to various industries and continuous service expansion is expected.

In development of affective interaction technology, we have been focusing on developing recognition/reproduction of sense, neuro content, home training, fine motion recognition, dementia management content, and realistic virtual training technology. We also have been trying to provide realistic and immersive digital environments to the users by incorporating those technologies with virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

In development of intelligent content information retrieval technology, we have been trying to develop content analysis/understanding/retrieval, situation recognition, real-time human knowledge enhancement content, sports video/motion analysis, game AI, and copyright protection and distribution technology to provide more interesting and useful content to the users.

We are also supporting product development, commercialization, and market development for the small or medium enterprise businesses(SMEs) by dispatching expert research personnel at Nuri Dream Square VR/AR Center in Sangam-dong to support development environment for technical solutions.

The technologies of digital content and cultural content developed by Creative Content Research Division are expected to serve as core technologies that drive co-prosperity with other industries in the fourth industrial revolution.

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Assistant Vice President JEONG, IL Kwon

  • TEL.+82-42-860-3810