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Introduction of Research

Defense & Safety Convergence Research Division

국방안전융합연구본부 이미지

The Defense & Safety Convergence Research Division focuses on developing ICT-based solutions for people's life problems, developing defense hyper-connected trust infrastructure technology, defense super-intelligence decision-making and autonomous control technology, safety management pre-intelligence solution technology, and disaster management pre-intelligence solution technology.

The Defense & Safety ICT Research department conducts research and development of the following the Four focus areas.

- National-defense ICT area
- Security Intelligence area
- Public safety intelligence area
- Industrial and private safety intelligence area

In national-defense ICT area, the research department has researched and developed a national-defense hyper-connected trust infrastructure technology , mission-oriented collaborative control technology, national-defense hyper-intelligent decision-making technology, and national-defense hyper-realistic military drill platform technology.

In the field of security and safety intelligence, we are developing technologies to improve public security and disaster safety through ICT-based science security pre-war digital convergence technology, situation-specific life safety service technology, and crime risk prediction and response technology R&D.

IIn industrial and private safety intelligence area, the research department has researched and developed technologies for private safety of workers of industrial field based on a safety management intelligence technology, industrial and private danger prediction & prevention technology, public safety management service device & application technology development for the general public, and safety information sharing & distribution standard technology.

Finally, the field of disaster safety intelligence is conducting research and development in the field of disaster safety management using advanced ICT technologies such as digital twin, AI, IoT, and 5G/PS-LTE to protect people's lives and property from disasters and build a safe Korea.

Defense & Safety Convergence Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President PARK, Hea Sook

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6707