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Introduction of Research

Defense RF Packaging Research Section

국방RF패키징연구실 이미지

The Defense RF Packaging Research Section conducts the high power RF heat dissipation packaging technology development of the core defense semiconductor components for the purpose of miniaturization and reliability secure of the RF transciever module (TRM) by utilizing the radar GaN MMIC chipset applied for the defense surveillance and reconnaissance system.
The major R&D areas are the packaging and heat management design technology for high temperature reliability and heat dissipation capability that satisfies the defense component performance and reliability.
The RF transceiver module requires the consideration for the enlarged high output power with increasing the detection and surveillance reconnaissance distance. In the packaged module utilized by the GaN power device, the packaging technologies of the MMIC device and module are needed the concern for enhanced heat dissipation design since the heat generation is significantly increased due to the power loss.
Increase of the electromagnetic parasitic loss in the packaging process enhances the heat generation and reduces the device performance, resulting the deterioration of the available frequency bands. Therefore, in the RF packaging technology, the minimized electrical connection line length and package size are important as the performance of RF power amplifier.
The high power RF heat management packaging technology is getting important which can be widely applied to various fields such as 5G communication components, autonomous driving radar sensor, power device packaging as well as radar transceiver module for military defense surveillance system.

◈ Main Research Area
∘ High Power MMIC Die Interconnect Technology for Thermal Management and Impedance Minimization
∘ Development of Die Attach Process for High Power RF Package
∘ Die Attach Material Design for Thermal Management
∘ Thermal Management Design and Analysis for High Power RF Package and Module
∘ Mechanical Reliability Test and Fracture Mode Analysis of High Power RF Package

Defense RF Packaging Research Section Image

Director KIM, Seong Il

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