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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow

Introduction of Research

Defense Power/Sensor Module Research Section

국방전력/센서모듈연구실 이미지

In Defense Power/Sensor Module Research Section, we are conducting research on the development of Si high-voltage switches for pulsed power system, high-sensitivity optical sensor for near-infrared, and infrared image sensors, whose imports are limited as EL (export license).
Power devices for pulsed power application, such as MCT (MOS Controlled Thyristor) and LTT (Light Triggered Thyristor), are core components in ESAD (Electronic Safety and Arming Device) of missile, power system of electromagnetic gun and launcher, etc. High-sensitivity optical sensor (Si PD/APD) for near-infrared (900nm~1100nm) and infrared image sensor are key components of laser tracker, proximity sensor and seeker system in missile and aircraft, and they are also applied to LiDAR system for autonomous driving, but most of them are still dependent on foreign imports.
We are also carrying out research on developing technology for Si and SiC semiconductor devices, packaging, and power modules. By establishing a development platform for Si/SiC semiconductor including high-voltage power device, high-efficient power module and high-sensitivity optical sensors while supporting technical development of related companies, we will contribute to technological independence of the semiconductor technology in defense and national infrastructure industry.

◈ Main Research Area
∘ Development of 1400 V- and 2500 V-rated MCTs (MOS Controlled Thyristors) for pulsed power application
∘ Development of quadrant silicon photodiode and Avalanche photodiode for near infrared (900 nm ~ 1100 nm) laser tracking
∘ Development of Si CMOS compatible uncooled infrared image sensor with 12 ㎛ cell pitch
∘ Developing technology for Si and SiC semiconductor devices, packaging, and power modules

Defense Power/Sensor Module Research Section Image

Director PARK, Kun Sik

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6371