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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Mobility IT Convergence Research Section

모빌리티IT융합연구실 이미지

The Smart Farm Application Research Section conducts the research of region-linked ICT convergence sector and autonomous smart farm total solution based on big data, artificial intelligence, crop imaging processing and farmbot technologies. In addition, we are developing various smart farm application technologies that are specialized for local social problems and corporate demand, and we are continuously supporting the small and mid-sized companies to commercialize and spread smart farm solution at home and abroad.

Our main research areas are,

○ Development of region-linked smart farm application technology
- Development and demonstration of smart farm solutions tailored to regional specialties
- Developing the commercialization technologies of smart farm

○ Development of a cloud-based smart farm platform
- Development of communication protocol between a cloud-based system and greenhouse operation systems
- Development of integrated smart farm control system

○ Development of an artificial intelligence-based autonomous smart farm solution
- Development of system configuration recipe for automatic crop cultivation
- Development of machine learning-based autonomous cultivation algorithms

○ Development of multi-purpose (monitoring, sensing) farmbot connected with a greenhouse operation system

Mobility IT Convergence Research Section Image

Director KIM, Jae Young

  • TEL.+82-53-670-8073