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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow

Introduction of Research

Intelligent Robotics Research Division

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We develop the intelligent robotics core technologies that can operate autonomously, safely, and intelligently by judging the situation on its own in order to prepare for the future aging and the destruction of small cities. Intelligent robotics research division consists of Autonomous Driving Intelligence Research Section, Human-Robot Interaction Research Section, Intelligent Robot Research Section, Intelligent Positioning and Navigation Research Section and Intelligent Robotics Ulsan Research Section.

Autonomous Driving Intelligence Research Section, in the field of smart car, is researching and developing V2X connected perception, planning and controlling core software to improve driving intelligence with driving data collection and machine learning as well as on efforts to develop standards in this fields.

Human-Robot Interaction(HRI) research section is carrying out R&D focused on user information(identity/location/activity/etc.) recognition, object class/pose recognition and social HRI technologies.

Intelligence and Robot Research Session focuses on the research of the core robot technologies such as robot work intelligence under the unstructured, uncertain environments, robot navigation guiding intelligence without prior-knowledge about the road, and abnormality detection intelligence using robot’s continual monitoring along with multi-layered probabilistic modeling. And we also developing reasoning based knowledge convergence robot service technologies.

Intelligent Positioning and Navigation Research Section is focusing on the development of personalized intelligence technology and navigation intelligence technology based on profiles (position/state/cognition/preference) information and Spatio-Temporal information of people and objects in autonomous intelligence space.

Intelligent Robotics Ulsan Research Section aims to build creative ICT convergence of ETRI-regional SME(small and medium enterprises) cooperative research cluster through field-oriented customized research and to enhance technical capacity in the region.

Intelligent Robotics Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President CHOI, Jeong Dan

  • TEL.+82-42-860-5884