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Geo-environment Monitoring Research Section

Geo-environment Monitoring Research Section Image

Road collapses in urban cities are mainly caused by local cavities developed underground, and are sometimes exacerbated by regional land subsidence. Those local collapses are hard to predict because the occurrence is highly dependant on local geologic factors, such as soil composition, degree of compaction, and water contents, etc. Ordinary physical exploration methods using electromagnetism and seismicity are also hard to apply to many cases, especially target sites are located in highly developed cities where numerous underground facilities already exist.
The geo-environment research section works for elucidating land subsidence and road collapse problems in urban cities and for finding suitable engineering solution for local communities. To do that, 1) we perform a regional land subsidence monitoring using satellite images (InSAR), 2) collect legacy geological information of the sites, and 3) analyze real-time groundwater monitoring data transmitted from existing stations and from our newly constructed stations in selected locations.

Geo-environment Monitoring Research Section Image

DirectorYum, Byoung Woo

  • TEL.+82-42-860-1022
  • FAX.+82-42-860-6068