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Under Ground Pipeline Safety Research Section

Under Ground Pipeline Safety Research Section Image

Underground pipeline safety(UPs) research group is developing the technologies that predict the ground settlement risk surrounding water and sewer pipelines in urban area. We are developing the sensor that predict the ground subsidence and cavities surrounding water and sewer pipelines, the image sensing technology that inspect the damages of sewer structure, and the technology that detect the cavities surrounding pipeline.
Finally, we are monitoring the leakage and damage for urban pipelines based on IoT platform in that the developed system provides the information for the risk assessment analysis with respect to ground subsidence surrounding pipelines. The research outcome will enhance public safety in the point of disaster reduction.

Underground pipeline safety research group is developing the health evaluation technology for measuring the degree of subsidence risk. There are three systems in which they consist of water pipeline subsidence risk estimation system, sewer inspection and structural integrity assessment system, and pipeline surrounding cavity detection system.
We are developing the technology that links and analyzes stability of soil ground surrounding pipelines based on the data from three systems.

Under Ground Pipeline Safety Research Section Image

DirectorChoi, Cgabg Ho

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