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Defense RF Components Research Section

Defense RF Components Research Section Image

The originality development of the state-of-the-art weapon system is being progressed for the purpose of the military strength reinforcement and economic development through the secure of the core technology for the self-reliance of national defense and export of the weapon system. However, so far, Korea imports the large part of the state-of-the-art weapon systems and the export license (E/L) of the developed countries in military industry is getting strengthened. Therefore, the independent development of the core weapon systems including their components and secure of generic technology for the localization are required, at this moment.

Especially in the military necessities semiconductor field, the advanced countries such as United States, Europe, China, and Japan have completed to establish the core infrastructures via the government-led projects with a huge budget. They are currently under active development utilizing the established infrastructures whereas there is no military necessities semiconductor laboratory in Korea. The secure of the domestic research base and platform for the military necessities semiconductor development should be urgently proceeded.

The Defense RF Components Research Section carries out the core platform development of the military necessities compound semiconductor which is a growing emphasis of the importance among the military necessities semiconductor. The design and processing of the GaN-based RF device and MMICs (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits) is being developed which is core components of Transmit-Receive Module for radar system. Based on these researches, we counteract the E/L and contribute to consolidate the foothold in military necessities core semiconductor through the secure of the foundry service and platform for the GaN-based military necessities Transmit-Receive Module.

◈ Main Research Area

■ 0.2 μm GaN HEMT MMIC library technology
- Optimization of the 0.2 μm GaN HEMT MMIC library
- Optimization of the passive device library
- Development of the back-side processing technology
- Securement of the device processing stability for the MMIC

■ C-/X-/Ku-band MMIC chipset technology
- Power Amplifier MMIC Development
- Low Noise Amplifier MMIC Development
- Drive Amplifier MMIC Development
- SPDT MMIC Development

Defense RF Components Research Section Image

DirectorAHN, Ho Kyun

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6135