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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution



5G Giga Service Research Laboratory

5G Giga Service Research Laboratory Image

We, 5G Giga Service Research Laboratory, are researching and developing 5G mobile communications technologies to lead Korean government-declared creative economy and the quality of people’s life with ubiquitous high-speed communication services, to foster SMBs with ICT convergence, and finally to realize the knowledge-based future society.

The research areas include core technologies of mmWave wideband mobile communication to take the initiative on 5G technologies, and market-targeting technologies to support SMBs, and C-P-D-N (Contents-Platform-Device-Network)- interconnected technologies to realize tangible 5G services.

Specifically, in technology-leading research area, we are doing research into 5G high-capacity/low-latency wireless communications, 5G massive/low-power wireless communications, L1/L2/L3 core technologies for mmWave devices and base stations, and antenna/RF/channel research for mobile communications. In market-targeting research area, we are focusing on small cell base station and smart RAN, narrow-band low-power IoT, mmWave-based mobile wireless backhaul and wireless proximity communication. In 5G service technologies research area, we are carrying out research topics such as digital holography contents, creation/transmission/replay of realistic smart media, acquisition/creation/replay of digital hologram and digital holography-related broadcast-communication applied technologies.

  • Vision

    The global leader in 5G mobile communication industry.

  • Goal

    1. To develop core technologies of next-generation mobile communications systems and mobile devices
    - aiming global No.1 on 5G standard patents competitiveness in 2020
    2. To provide the world-first 5G commercial service in 2020

5G Giga Service Research Laboratory Image

Vice PresidentChung, Hyun Kyu

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6200
  • FAX.+82-42-860-1102
  • 5G Giga Service Research Laboratory
    • Research Supporting Section
    • 5G Giga Project Strategy Section
    • Mobile Application Research Department
      • Radio Access Network Software Research Section
      • Mobile Application Modem Research Section
      • Mobile IoT Modem Research Section
      • Mobile Terminal Control Research Section
      • Mobile Wireless Backhaul Research Section
    • Mobile Transmission Research Department
      • Radio Transmission Research Section
      • Giga Modem Research Section
      • Giga Access Research Section
      • Radio Network Research Section
      • Radio Core Technology Research Section
      • Mobile RF Research Section
    • Giga Service Research Department
      • Next-generation Visual Computing Research Section
      • Real & Emotional Sense Convergence Service Research Section
      • Digital Holography Research Section