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『Korean-English Automatic Speech Translation App』 Public Trial Service Overview

  • Writeradmin
  • Date2012.11.15
  • Hits15656

□ App Name : GenieTalk

□ Service Delivery
o Release iOS/Android Application to public, in order to easily download for everyone.
o Support free communications between Korean and American based on a native language via GenieTalk. (Korean/English translated into English/Korean)

□ OS Support : Android and iOS(iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

□ How to install
o Search 'GenieTalk' at Android Market (Google Play) or Apple AppStore. Download and Install 'GenieTalk' by following instructions.

□ Features


Size of Vocabulary


Server/Client Communication

270k words for Korean
65k words for English

Bi-directional translation for spoken Korean/English

□ Major Applications : Travel, Tourism and Language Study

□ Screen Shots

□ Steps for Automatic Speech Translation

□ Support
o Site for User Feedbacks:

□ Guidelines
o Please, keep distance (about 10cm) from microphone when you speak.
o Press the 'OK' button at the end of the speech.
o Speech recognition for English is optimized for a native speaker.