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ETRI  45 th Anniversary

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ETRI’s 45 years in photos

  • December 10, 1977, the Korea Telecommunications Research Institute (KTRI) was founded in affiliation with
    the Institute of Science and Technology Information as a research organization specializing in telecommunications.

  • (Left) On December 30, 1976, the Korean government inaugurated the Korea Electric Research and Testing Institute (KERTI).
    (Right) Signboard-hanging ceremony for KERTI’s testing division (Shindang-dong in Seoul).

  • On December 30, 1976, the Korea Institute of Electronic Technology (KIET) was founded in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
    to lead the development of electric and electronic technology, particularly semiconductors.

  • KIET’s main duties included specialized research in electronics, including semiconductors and computers.

  • On January 20, 1981, KTRI and KERTI were merged into the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (KETRI).

  • On July 26, 1982, the electronic telephone exchanger (TDX-1X) initiated field testing for subscribers to 362 lines.

  • On October 29, 1982, a ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of ultrahigh-voltage and high-power research facilities.

  • Having successfully developed a 32K ROM, KIET began full operation of semiconductor manufacturing facilities in November 1982.

  • On May 24, 1983, KETRI’s building completion ceremony was held.

  • In March 1983, KIET developed Korea’s first 8-bit personal computers for educational purposes and distributed them to educational institutions nationwide.

  • (Left) Having successfully developed 8-bit computers, KIET developed UNIX-based 16-bit computers in March 1984.
    (Right) KIET later developed more advanced 32-bit computers, which were commercialized with the model name, “SSM-32.”