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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Operations Management Department

  • Facilities Operations Management Section (T. +82-42-860-6990)
    - Operation and Maintenance of Buildings and Facilities
    - Installation and Operation of Electrical Installation, Machine Equipment, Communications
    - Equipment, Broadcasting Equipment, and Firefighting Facilities
    - Construction and Operation of Landscape Architecture
  • General Affairs Management Section (T. +82-42-860-5376)
    - Document and Seal Management
    - Office and Vehicle Management
    - Support and Host Internal and External Events (including cultural events)
    - R&D Environment Improvement and Office Arrangement
    - Corporate Registration, Civil Application, and Legal Procedures
    - Other Businesses with External Organizations
  • Safety Security Section(T. +82-42-860-5488)
    - Emergency Plan, Reserve Forces, and Civil Defense
    - Security Business (employees, visitors, facilities, and equipment)
    - General Management of Safety Business
    - Night Duty, Security Guards, and Caretakers Management
    - Safety & Security Related Businesses with External Organizations
  • Information Security Section (T. +82-42-860-5933)
     - Establishment of Medium- and Long-Term Plan of Information Security
    - General Management of Information Security Affairs
    - Guidance, Supervision, and Education of Information Security Affairs
    - Management and Administration of Information Security System
    - Self-Inspection of Information Security
    - Establishment and Implementation of Policies of Personal Information Protection
  • Construction Planning Section (T. +82-42-860-5870)
    - General Management for Construction Task
    - Construction of Dormitory & Workplace Childcare
    - Extension of Optical Packaging Technology Innovation Center for Honam Research Center